Shannon M West is a portrait and documentary photographer 

based in Los Angeles and traveling often.

f a m i l y

p o r t r a i t 

w e d d i n g

d a y  i n  t h e  l i f e

accordion owner (can only play one song) ⎜ 30 minute nap enthusiast⎜goldfish are still my favorite snack⎜dream of dancing in Cuba⎜zero self control around cookies⎜ISFP (myers briggs personality! what is yours?)⎜avoids being in front of the camera⎜adores being behind the camera⎜owner of 18 year old blind wiener dog⎜she's delightful⎜she's going to live forever

Questions?  Recommendations on new snacks to try?  Let's talk.

(626) 298-3308

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