Frequently Asked Questions

What if I hate getting my picture taken?

Don’t worry, so do I.  I understand the weirdness and am so happy to be behind my lens.  But, I honestly make it as easy and joyful as possible. Within minutes you will feel more at ease. I also try to remind my clients that these photos are for your eyes only, you choose which images see the light of day. Basically, I encourage you to try as many crazy ideas as you want!

Will you tell me how to pose?

It depends on the shoot, but most of the time I will place you in beautiful light and let the moment unfold.  I don’t micromanage your movements but I do give some tips if I see something isn’t working quite right for the camera.  I am a lover of candid honest moments (with maybe just a little help from your photographer friend).

Where will we shoot?

Your home, a local park, the mountains, the beach, wherever the wind takes us.  I have a few favorite spots but I’m always open to exploring the light in new surroundings.

Are animals welcome?

YES.  We just have to choose a location that also says yes.  I love animals, your dog can slobber all over my face.

How long do sessions last?

Typically anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours.  Kids usually go wild or pass out around the 1 hour mark.  Again, it depends on each individual session, but I tend to stick around until your face is sore from smiling.

How and when will I receive my images after our session?

Images are delivered online via web gallery.  Through the web gallery you can download the full resolution jpegs and order high quality prints.  With portraits and events I deliver images within 12 days, for weddings within 60 days.

What should I wear?

I am not a stickler for wardrobe.  I usually say to wear what you feel confident and comfortable in, what you would feel good being photographed in.  I love the movement of dresses and flowy shirts and accessories are always fun to play with.  I am equally inspired by bright colors and soft neutrals, it's all about your personal style and vision for your photos.

What are your rates?

Every person needs something different from our sessions and I like to discuss those needs individually before getting into the money business.  Contact me  and I'll be happy to chat about pricing options!

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